Jumpspace values collaboration, professionalism, and shared resources within our coworking office space. To maintain a conducive and equitable environment, we have established this Fair Use Policy for our boardroom and meeting room facilities. This policy aims to ensure that these spaces remain available and accessible to all our members for client meetings and collaborative activities, while discouraging misuse such as turning them into private offices.




The purpose of this Fair Use Policy is to:

1. Promote Fair Access: Ensure that all Jumpspace members have fair and equal access to our boardroom and meeting room facilities for client meetings and collaborative purposes.

2. Prevent Misuse: Prevent the boardroom and meeting room from being monopolized as private offices, which could limit their availability to other members.

3. Foster a Collaborative Environment: Encourage a cooperative atmosphere where members respect shared spaces and prioritize the needs of the community.


Policy Guidelines


1. Intended Use: The boardroom and meeting room facilities at Jumpspace are primarily intended for client meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative work involving two or more members.

2. No Private Offices: Members are not permitted to use the boardroom or meeting room as private offices, workstations, or for any extended period of time that inhibits the spaces’ availability to others.

3. Booking Requirements: To ensure fairness and accountability, all members must book the boardroom or meeting room in advance through Jumpspace’s designated booking system.

4. Booking Duration: Bookings are typically limited to a maximum duration of four hours per day, unless prior arrangements have been made with Jumpspace management.

5. Courtesy and Timeliness: Members are expected to start and end their meetings on time. Please be respectful of other members’ scheduled bookings.

6. Cleanliness: Members are responsible for leaving the boardroom or meeting room in the same condition as they found it. Dispose of trash properly and tidy up after your meeting.

7. No Unauthorised Modifications: Do not make any permanent or unauthorised modifications to the boardroom or meeting room, including attaching items to walls, reconfiguring furniture, or making structural changes.

8. Compliance with Jumpspace Management: Jumpspace management reserves the right to determine what constitutes fair use of the boardroom and meeting room facilities. If there are concerns about misuse, compliance with this policy, or disputes regarding bookings, members are expected to cooperate with management’s decisions.




Failure to comply with this Fair Use Policy may result in the suspension of booking privileges for the boardroom and meeting room facilities. Jumpspace management will review any violations on a case-by-case basis.




Jumpspace is committed to providing a professional and collaborative workspace for all members. This Fair Use Policy for our boardroom and meeting room facilities ensures that these spaces remain accessible, equitable, and conducive to productive client meetings and teamwork.

By utilizing these facilities responsibly, members contribute to a thriving and harmonious coworking community at Jumpspace.

For any questions or clarifications regarding this policy, please reach out to Jumpspace management.